Best Computer Protection Software and Methods

We present here the best computer protection software and methods. To protect your computer you need to have the right security tools as well as good computer and Internet usage habits.

There is no single software or method which will guarantee security and privacy. The more secure and private you want to be, the more effort and resources you will have to put into it. Ultimately it will be your decision as to the right tradeoff between security and the inconvenience trying to reach that level of security causes you.

If you have a clean Windows machine you should follow the procedure outlined in Protect my computer. If you have a Mac machine check out Mac Security. If you are using Linux, the Linux Malware page should be helpful.

You should be concerned about keylogging. Keylogging is when the characters you type in on your keyboard are secretly recorded and transmitted to the person who has installed the logger. Using this method hackers can steal your financial details and your privacy. You should read How to detect a keylogger? and Anti keylogger freeware and commercial software.

Another area of concern is Phishing. Phishing is when hackers attempt to trick you to give out data such as your credit card details, online banking information or usernames and passwords by posing as an organization you trust. For example, you may be directed to log in on to a fake log in page or provide your credit card information on a fake ordering page. All these fake pages will be rigged up to appear just like the real page. We provide anti phishing information on Free anti phishing software .

To be secure you must choose a secure password and have a way of remembering it. This is not as simple as it sounds and is explained in How to choose a secure password and remember it?

One good way of achieving security is through virtualization. The different ways of using virtualization are explained in Using virtualization for security.

Before you access the Internet from a public computer like those in a public library or Internet cafe please read Internet Cafe Security.