Browse safely

Here we present tips to browse safely. A common way in which malware comes onto your machines is through your web browser. Sometimes you visit a malicious site which is hosting the malware and when you bring up the web site, it also loads malware which looks for security holes in your browser or its plug ins.

Legitimate websites are often hacked and injected with malware.

Another common way that your computer is injected with malware is that you visit a popular site that runs advertisements. These advertisements are often placed through advertising networks. The popular site does not know what ads will be displayed on its site. Malware authors place malware carrying ads or hack legitimate advertisers to carry their malware.

Safe Browsing tips

Use an isolation program like Sandboxie. An isolation software runs programs in their own separate space, preventing them from making permanent changes to your computer.

Do not run scripts, plugins or ads unless necessaryA modern web browser is huge with a number of plug ins. Securing the whole environment for all cases is an onerous task.

An easier task is to disable plugins unless needed and block ads unless one wants to look at them.

These tasks are made easy in the Firefox browser by the Noscript and Ad blocker add ons. Not only do they enhance security but they also make your browsing experience faster.

Run a full featured firewall

Have a secure secret sign up email addressTo sign up for online services like online banking and Facebook we often have to provide an email address. Forgotten passwords and reset password mails are sent to this address. If your primary sign up email address is compromised, many associated service accounts can easily be compromised also.

It is important that your primary email account be as secure as possible. For this purpose choose an email account that you normally don't use for correspondence. This way a potential hacker has to guess your signup email and its password.

Of course choose a secure password for your primary email address.

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