Using anti keylogger freeware to block keyloggers

Anti keylogger freeware and commercial software protects against keyloggers that can be installed on your computer either by malicious programs as you browse the Internet, or by people who have access to your computer while it is not in your physical possession.

Types of software keyloggers

  • A keylogger which adds on to the operating system so that it receives all key strokes which OS receives.

  • A keylogger that replaces a portion of low level operating system with itself so that it can log all calls

Anti keylogger freeware

Spy shelter personal edition is free. It claims to work against both kernel and user mode keyloggers.

Kmeleon Anti Keylogging extension

After downloading decompress the 7z file with the 7zip utility.

After decompression you will find the anti keylogger files in the following directory


To start keylogger blocking click on kmakl.exe

To stop keylogger blocking click on kmakl.exe and follow instructions.

The tool suite also contains several virtual keyboards

neo safekeysAldo's Mouse KeyboardMicrosoft On Screen Keyboard

and also a Mouse only Keyboard in subdirectory mok.

When a virtual keyboard is used a mouse is used to select characters and hence keystrokes cannot be captured. Some keyloggers besides capturing key strokes also take snapshots of the screen. A virtual keyboard that displays characters being types will not be able to protect against this. To guard against such attacks some virtual keyboards hide the characters as they are being entered using mouse. An example of such a virtual keyboard is mouse only keyboard included in the tool suite.

Commercial Anti Keylogger Programs

Integrated security suites like Norton include anti keylogging programs.

Zemana Anti Logger blocks key loggers and screen capture programs. It costs about $30.

Spy shelter is another anti logger program. It is out of Europe and costs about 25 Euros. Return from Anti Keylogger Freeware to Security and Privacy Software