Free Anti Phishing Software

To guard against phishing we use free anti phishing software at each layer

#1 DNS Servers

Some domain names are known to host phishing content. A Domain Name server that has knowledge of this prevents these domain names from resolving to actual IP addresses.

OpenDNS or Google DNS servers provide these anti fraud features. Changing the DNS servers on your machine to use these DNS servers will give you protection at the domain name resolution layer.

#2 - A Filtering Firewall

Modern anti phishing firewalls have periodically updated lists of internet and URL addresses that are known to host phishing content. When you are lured into accessing a known page that hosts phishing content the firewall blocks your access, thus preventing you from being scammed.

#3 - A Filtered Email Account

Phishing is often conducted over email. There are various software available that detect potential phishing email and prevent it from reaching you. These software can be fairly cumbersome to deploy and keep up to date. However if you host your email at a service like Gmail, your email is by default filtered for phishing and spam mails. This reduces your chances of being lured by a phishing email greatly.

#4 - A Filtering Browser

Google provides a Safebrowsing list of known malware or phishing URLS. Both Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari access this list in real time and filter out URLs that are known to host phishing content.

#5 - YOU

Don't click on anything that looks suspicious.

If you need to contact your financial institution do so by calling them or by entering their address directly in your browser's address bar. Access their website using the "https" protocol and make sure that the connection is securely established. A secure connection is usually indicated by an icon in the browser. Make sure you know the icon for secure connection for your browser.

If you get any warnings about the certificate do not proceed with the transaction.

Check your online accounts regularly for an suspicious transactions.

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