Free Malware Removal Software

This article describes a manual malware removal method using free malware removal software built into the Windows machine.

The first step to take after you detect that you have been infected by malware is to shutdown your computer. Pull the power plug on the computer or hold the off button down. Do not depend on Ctrl-Alt-Delete or the normal windows shutdown.

Once the computer is shutdown plug out the Internet cable or turn off wireless connectivity. The reason for that is that we don't want the malware phoning home to download even more malware or to send back your personal information.

Before we begin the process of removing malware or virus that is attacking your computer, we must first ensure that your data is safe. To do this we boot up the computer using a USB stick or CD/DVD disk, mount the hard disk inside the computer and then transfer important data files to an external hard drive.

With the Internet connection severed, restart your computer. Just after the initial BIOS screen press F8. If you pressed it at the right time, Windows will display you a menu of startup options. If you do not see the startup option even after a few seconds and see Windows booting up normally, shutdown the computer using the power button and try pressing F8 a bit earlier.

From the Windows Startup option choose "Safe Mode" and let Windows boot up in Safe Mode.

Once Windows has booted up in the Safe Mode, go to

Start -> All Programs ->Accessories ->System Tools ->Sytem Restore

and restore your important system files to just before the date you suspect the infection happened. Insidious malware may have removed the link for System Restore from your computer. In that case see if you still have the file rstrui.exe . It is usually found in


folder. If you have it, run the file and restore to a configuration just before the infection happened. rstrui.exe is the key free malware removal software built into the Windows operating system.

Sometimes this is all you need to do. Malware is still present on your system but does not start up in the normal course of events.

However we must do all we can do to take malware out of the system. Remember once your system is infected there is NO sure shot way of ensuring that it is completely infection free. The only sure way is to wipe the drive clean and to reinstall the Operating System and Programs from original, or to reinstall a drive hot image. We can however run malware and antivirus checkers.

You should download malware and antivirus checkers on a USB stick or a CD/DVD disk on another computer that has not been infected. You can then use the disk or CD/DVD to run the checkers on the infected computer that should still be in the safe mode.

While the computer is still in safe mode, you should backup all your important data on the machine, if you have not already done so.

You are now ready to see if your computer boots up normally. Shutdown the computer and reboot normally. If all has gone well your computer will boot up normally without the malware.

Windows Defender is another free malware removal software available from Microsoft.

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